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Air Head Dry Toilet is uniquely simple. By separating liquids from solids the volume of solid human matter is significantly reduced. Which means that in approximately five gallons, perhaps a seasons worth of weekend use, may be held. This estimate is based on solid matter volume for two persons' use twice every weekend for five months: 80 uses.

Much like a household toilet the Air Head Dry Toilet has a bowl and an actuator which provides a "flush". The main difference due to the toilet's waterless operation is the use of a paper bowl liner which acts as a carrier for the solid matter on its way to the solid tank.

With a combination of agitation and desiccation solid matter is rendered non-offensive inside the large tank. Additionally, the unit has an integral 12 volt fan that provides a constant negative pressure which pulls moisture out of the living space. In many cases a noticeable improvement in air quality will be perceived upon opening the companionway hatch after lay-ups.

Liquids are collected in the smaller forward tank. Our unit's liquid tank makes an otherwise unpleasant chore very easy a with convenient carrying grip so that you don't have to become intimate with the contents, and its wide mouthed aperture will keep the contents emptying smoothly into any standard commode. The liquid tank will hold approximately four days use per person if used exclusively.

Additionally, the Air Head Dry Toilet may be integrated with an existing holding tank system creating holding capacity for both solids and liquids far beyond what many medium and small boat owners are used to. This is because the tanks take on no flushing water and are free to hold just what they need to.

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