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Star Distributing LLC
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West Mystic, CT 06388

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Misson Statement

Star Distributing is a business providing the best products available for the purpose they are designed. Our overall goal is to help preserve existing structures without the usual ripout and replace of materials. We use these products ourselves and are very familiar with them and are happy to discuss ways of using these products.

These producs are either new, little known or more environmentally friendly than other products currently on the market.

Our main focus is the process of wood restoration and refinishing. When done correctly, wood in almost any condition can be made beautiful.

The first step is to remove existing finish.

Back to Nature paint strippers is new products from an old company. These strippers will not damage the wood or raise the grain and work in one application. They leave no residue to interfere with the restoration of the wood or adheasion of the finish. Above all else the strippers do not contain methlene chloride and do not need covering to work.

The second step is to restore and stablize the wood.

Smith "&" Co. products restore the wood so as to accept a new finish. The only way to have a durable finish is to have a stable surface. These are time proven products and the best for this purpose. Wood restoration is a viable alternative to cutting down trees.

The third step is to apply the finish.

Bristol Finish This two part finish gives a quick and durable yacht type finish. Unlike traditional varnish, this finish will last years without needing additional coatings. A durable finish is the best way to protect the wood from any deterioration.

Many of our products can be used on metals and ceramics.

Our secondary focus is to make available earth friendly products.

Some of our products have heafty price tags. The big question is "how much time will I save using these products?" Labor costs are the most expensive costs of any job. Restoring or protecting wood is often half as expensive as ripping out and replacing. The finished product will last longer and require less maintanence. If a product costs more per package but uses less per use than any other product and does a better job... This is the true measure of economy.