Airhead AirHead Dry Toilet
    Airhead Dry Toilet, complete unit: Toilet: bowl, solid tank with agitator, liquid tank, (color: sand), crank handle, Composite wood seat, (white), Anodized aluminum bowl ring, Hold down brackets, Mounting hardware, Hose, 5' length, Hose connectors, Fan/bulkhead shroud, Paper bowl liners, (50), Organic desiccant starter bag, Instructions, Philosophy, A few bad jokes. Choose Crank and Exhaust side "A" or "B". See SPECIFICATIONS page for options.
    Please select Crank and exhaust side option:
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    Airhead Airhead Toilet Additional Hose per foot
    Airhead Dry Toilet additional exhaust hose. Toilet comes standard with five feet of hose. Use this to add to the total length of hose. Sold in one foot increments. For example, if you need eight feet of hose, select 3 for your quantity of additional hose.