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    Sitka291LOT Sitka 291LOT
    Sitka 291LOT
    Nearly as strong as Sikaflex®-291 and slightly more flexible.
    Sikaflex®-291 LOT features a slower skin time to allow for longer working time.
    Perfect for general sealing all around the vessel, hull seams, thru hulls and bedding deck hardware and rub rails.
    Tack free time 3 - 5 hours. Working temp 41 to 114 degrees F.

    Available Colors: White, Mahogany, and Black.

    3M4200 3M 4200 10oz Cartridge
    3M4200 10oz
    Bonds and seals fiberglass, gel-coat and wood.
    Ideal for rub-rails, stern-joints, deck and through-hull fittings, and access plates.
    Medium strength allows for disassembly.

    Available Colors: White and Black

    3M5200 3M 5200 10oz Cartridge
    3M5200 10oz
    The seal is extremely strong, retains its strength above or below the water line.
    Stays flexible too - allows for structural movement.
    Has excellent resistance to weathering and salt water.

    Available Colors: White, Tan, Mahogany, and Black.